Despite Distractions

I got the 2nd edition Michigan submitted tonight.

What distractions? Only the good kind. The museum kind. First I get this wonderful email from —. They sent me a database of artifacts I’ll look at when I’m there next month, with one exception. They had to deaccession the Michigan copper artifact.

That meant I had to do some scrambling. But why? Can you tell me what that means? I didn’t know if that meant I had to remove the artifact from my Michigan database or not.

Well, it turned out to be a replica. Yeah, it had been purchased by someone over in California at a trading post in the 1950s. They thought they were buying the real thing and donated it to —. But that museum something before … today … found out it wasn’t real and removed it. Well, it had to be after I somehow got it installed in my data spreadsheet.

Anyway, talk about timing! I had to remove it completely and then make sure the removal didn’t wreck all my meticulous formatting. Before I submitted 2nd edition to publication.

Then I got … okay, this is just before I was getting ready to publish 2nd edition — all these interruptions! I got the email from the third museum I’m visiting in June … did you read my other post? About museums? Anyway, they sent me their database for my visit and it’s TWICE as big as what I was expecting to look at. Did I complain? Heck no! I checked my data and as long as what I want is there, I’m fine with it!

Whew. After all that, got my Michigan 2nd edition submitted, am waiting for them to tell me it’s ready so I can order a copy so I can make sure it’s good so I can start putting out my ‘press releases’ and now am holding my breath so that June 23rd with that last museum doesn’t get changed on me.

I am honestly making this my last year to visit museums. But I will miss it.






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