a presentation

Just one among many …

And they don’t all turn out well. But they don’t all turn out poorly either. We have to take them as we get them and always give them 100%, or at least plan to. I know when I went to the SAA in Portland I was discouraged by my time slot and perhaps didn’t pull it together – only 15 minutes? my introduction takes longer! – as well as I could have.

Here I knew it was also an uphill battle but I gave it my all (awl?) anyway, wanting to provide something of real interest to what is always an eclectic group. I was delighted in seeing two young non-members come in, obviously there just for me. That made my efforts worthwhile. But the uphill battle refers to a major archaeology event taking place in northern Illinois that weekend, which meant the likelihood of a small audience that night.

A lovely talk with the young couple afterward. She is a history/archaeology student and won one of the raffled books, and bought the CWBP when I promoted it after her saying she was most interested in the Civil War. She asked for some advice, which I gave on the spur of the moment. I gave her my card and told her to stay in touch. I hope she will. My niece was going to go for archaeology but then dropped out. It’s not an easy field these days. I’d love to have someone to talk with who might even be willing to take some data, like MN, and run with it.

I think where I did the best yesterday was in answering questions. For some reason, when I have so much in my head, questions seem to help me think more thoroughly. Why is that?

Anyway, I was disappointed in the group, as they had promised to treat to dinner after, but didn’t. I waved the speaker fee and even donated half of my proceeds (all of $8 from two sales) but it was probably too small a group for the dinner. They announced during their meeting portion how membership monies help pay speaker fees — of course — but did not mention my waving of same. Do I want credit? Only where it’s due.

Anyway, that said, and as always, I’m finding new directions. I need to find and reinvigorate my value somehow. I left Beloit Art Center for the Red Cross so I could choose the days I wanted to work. I am leaving CAS for WAS because Seth Schneider was so helpful in getting me what I needed for the Michigan book, which I hope to get ready for print this weekend after one final (?) visit to the WHS. And I am leaving AHA for OAH, because they don’t require you to submit sessions for their yearly conferences. And I am leaving WFWA for the NWA as soon as I can afford their dues. WAS, I’ll renew as soon as I can afford it, too. (Will we get our social security in June?)

In the final analysis of last night, I did not feel valued. I worked hard and gave hard to that organization and provided them a free speaker and three books free, for little in return. And that’s a shame. Because maybe it means I don’t deserve it.

But maybe, just maybe, a few books will sell. So far, nothing. Post-presentation means within a couple days, so I’m still hoping.

UPDATE: and am embarrassed to add that I paid little to no attention to the fact that I had people who attended the presentation on zoom. I honestly don’t know how to do that, because most zoom I attend pay us no attention. Given that I did not even acknowledge them with a nod, I can assume that’s why no books have sold since then. I was hoping a few who were there might buy another one or two. But so far no further sales.







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