May 9

I turned 70 several days before my birth date …

And I don’t mind it one bit! It’s hard for someone like me to be the center of attention, but that’s exactly what my kids did to me on May 6 by coming in from out of state and hosting a birthday party to honor me. Me? What have I ever done to be honored?

So I spent the day in a kind of perpetual embarrassment – and yet, afterward, feel this kind of cool glow that only comes with the memories of it, and of not embarrassing myself on that day TOO much. They even let me win at Cards Against Humanity! I never win that game! And when they were singing Happy Birthday, I did a little happy dance, because what else do you do when you’re embarrassed? And then wished I had taped them singing. Never ever be embarrassed. Maybe I’ll learn this when I’m 80.

To have all three of my kids together in one place, even for just the day, and another hour, is my dream. Nothing honored me more than being their mother. I’m going to add a photo here but I’m just grabbing a few seconds to say, to the universe, Thank you! For giving me this.

To my daughters-in-law Malavika and Amanda for approving the expense because getting to WI from WA is no small expense. How grateful I am to grab onto these memories and hold them close forever.

Always be ready for good memories – when you feel surrounded by bad stuff there’s always something good in there. Always. Or we humans would never survive this.






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