New Grimm’s

The Paperback is only $12.99 at Amazon

And there’s a great feature at the purchase link – you can look inside the book and see all the table of contents, nearly half of the first story, and the back cover, before you buy a thing! So go take a look!

The Kindle is also available for purchase. Same great stories. The cover is similar to the first version, Grimm’s American Macabre, but I wanted something lighter for the paperback this time. I nearly went with one that was really colorful and funky, but most of my friends at Facebook were put off by it.

I found an old copy of the house that had not been reversed for that Macabre edition, and uploaded that to Amazon to see what that would look like, and liked the results. The back cover of the paperback, then, is the front cover of the Kindle, and it’s pretty dark and cool.

My business, if you don’t realize, I call Grimms Etc., because I found out when I was five that my Grandmother was a Grimm, and realized that I had to have my own Grimm’s fairy tales someday. So that would be the first time I realized I wanted to write. I even remember the first story I wrote, it took place in a cave. I don’t think it was similar to the cave story in this one, though. I just remember it being in a cave.

So yes, you have authentic Grimm descendants as writers. Most of the stories are suitable for 14 and over, I’d like to think all of them are. Seven are new, not found in the first version, and two have been removed from Macabre, one because I couldn’t get new permission, and the other because … well, I just changed my mind about liking it.

I hope you enjoy it. Again, if you want a free copy to review at Amazon, let me know.






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