April 12

A new project: I’ve been reading David Sedaris “the Best of me” collection and it’s inspired me. Sorry, Adam, but now I’m writing “Tales from the Dark End,” an memoir of stories and songs, well, maybe not songs, of my life. I’ve got this overly long journal that needs to be pitched, but before I do, I want to make sure to capture what I need for these stories.

Does that sound like fun? Stories that include “lovers and other weirdos,” “sisters,” “mothers,” “brothers” – I’ll include some writing like Bonanza and Journal of an Undead, acting dead-ends, ridiculous dreams, funny travels, and oh, by the way I have planned my first vodcast to be a spook rendering of “Love Stories.” So stay turned for that. There will be surprises galore and shocking revelations, to be published, hopefully, after I’m dead.

Got home from Green Bay today to find all the cats will alive. The pair came in, got their treats and went back out. Looking forward to bad weather to keep them in for a while anyway. This high 80s in April is NUTS.







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