april 1

Rain. We love it, right? When we’re warm and cozy with our feet up reading by the fire, with the pattering of rain on the roof. But humans could never control that single aspect of rain — when it comes. And it has a way of ruining things, every single time. Humans have always learned to deal with rain, not having a choice in the matter.

For me, yesterday without a raincoat, that was in canceling my dinner date with a group of strangers. Sure, I ran out and got to the restaurant. Nice place. It appeared I was early so I sat to wait, but saw no one show up who recognized that I was waiting for them, and no place to sit at the bar. Which you know I would have loved. But the place was so noisy that I feared I would not hear a word of the group’s conversation and that always embarrasses me. Had I known at least some of them, not so bad. I really really wanted to stay because I was hoping to sell a few books to this collector’s group. But that’s not a good enough reason to stay. So I emailed the organizer, said I feared the building would be locked by the time we were done and I didn’t want to risk that in this rain. Sad. Sad sad. If I had checked, I would have found the building open until at least 8:30 for an event.

Today, I have an outing. Yeah, we’re going to Fort Vancouver — in the rain. It has not been canceled. This includes a mile and a half walk. In the rain. Well, it’s not terribly cold out. And I did bring my rain coat. But do I want to walk a mile and a half in the rain? They won’t refund if I back out. And honestly, if I don’t go, I’ll just feel like a fool.

Yes, it was cold! My legs eventually went numb. But I’m glad I went. The native Guide was really informative, and it was great to hear him reaffirm things I already understood. He also noted some influence from Mexico. I met several new people on the way but no one interested in my copper resource book. Darn.

Several of us went to the bus early and had the driver take us to the visitors center. It took so long I don’t know how the others managed to walk there in time. I suppose as the crow flies. Moral of the story – never NOT do something because of a little discomfort.

Back at the ranch — I mean conference center — I attended the first and only symposium for copper artifacts and though I couldn’t stay long, I took advantage. Introduced myself to two fellows who’d helped me in the past, and gave one the free copy of Northern Wisconsin with my card. Told him to give it to whoever wants it. Now I’ve unloaded two books, and am still not quite sure how to handle tomorrow’s presentation to unload a few more, but it’ll go as it goes. Heard from a fellow at Academia.edu who bought all three manuals and wants more, but I told him to email me as I don’t have access to more until I get home.

Wonderful dinner with friend Deb at Olive Garden. We both turn 70 in May so this was an early celebration. Don’t you love how that turns out? I’ll share the photo of the amazing card she gave me, but I’ll wait until May. Then, of all wonders, my phone stopped working and I had to find my way back to my hotel without map OR GPS! I did it – amazing myself. Called T-mobile and they got it fixed for me. Whew.

But, no Grimm tour. Oh well. It’s a rental car, who wants to take the chance.






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