March 27

And I’m still hanging in there. Had a perfectly delightful couple of days with the granddaughters and their parents.

BUT! I lost a pair of transition prescription sunglasses at the airport. Not my fault! The TSA agents decided this old lady posed a security threat because she had what appeared to be “rope” in her backpack. It’s my jumprope! Of course, he was embarrassed but not before he pulled out a lot of stuff. I said, oh there’s my glasses, I should put them in another pocket. And I never saw them again.

If you think it’s easy making a claim at an airport, think again. I once lost glasses – way back in ’77 – at a train station in Germany. And I got them back, though I had to spend the whole European trip without them. No spare. This time, I lose the spare. First I tried calling TSA at O’Hare and they said to use the online form. I did that, and got a generic response that recommended I also file with the airport. Well, that put me on a weird loop that I finally got out of, and instead filed with Delta, in case they fell out on the plane. I’m hoping they’ll help me find a Terminal 5 lost and found.

But you know, I don’t really like those glasses, and I do have another transition pair, older that still seem to work just fine.

The flight itself wasn’t scary. You know, all the things that have been going wrong with airlines lately? Well, we took off 45 minutes late, making some with connections a little upset. And then when we landed we couldn’t get to the gate for another half hour. Make some with connections a little upseter. BUT! They gave out free headphones, so I amused myself watching parts of movies. I’m going to get a copy of “She Said,” the movie, by simply buying it at Amazon, rather than getting a disk copy. And I decided Don’t Worry Darling looks okay to watch, but not to buy. Hoping Prime will give us that one free. And I watched the first part of Inglorious Basterds where Brad’s character is encouraging his squad of Nazi Killers – and for the first time it sunk into my head – they’re all Jews! They are Jewish Nazi killers! That’s awesome! But I wondered, why wasn’t Brad’s character Jewish? Or was he? He could have been.

Anyway, overall, a good flight experience. Thanks again, Delta. Now help me find my glasses! Or don’t. I don’t care. Rose’s 8-ball says I’ll find them, though.






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