March 21: Shameless Promo

Think of this novel as my way of making love to the largest number of people possible.

Note the turn of her head. This is actually me on the shore of Crete taking the photo with my tripod, and I had to quickly cross rock to get into position. My son then turned “me” in Althea, recreating the moment before accepting the love of a man who would become Undead – a vrykolakas. Greek vampire.

Falling in love with the vampire Arabus Drake is hard, I’ll admit. But staying in love with him can be rewarding.

Here’s another photo – both are the same book, one by a publisher, one that I had created and edited to be better. Which one of these would you buy?

If you choose the one on the right, you’re going with the publisher’s edition. Notice the title: they missed the idea that a fiction novel can have a sub-title, and instead made it all the same size. Now notice a single word in the title: “the.” It is supposed to be “a.” It is “a” in the contract. Try making that substitution and see how different it feels. For that reason, and because the cover is abominable, I got the contract canceled. They accepted the book, my second with them — they first did Grimms American Macabre — and canceled that other one at the same time. The publisher’s name is All Things That Matter Press. And I think they treated me this way because I had the nerve to say that the owner’s book could be better, needed editing, and only gave it three stars. Shame on me! Yes, the subtitle line still exists in the new version. It’s now “Legend of a Kiowa Son” and it’s featured on the back cover.

Oh, saw Al Franken’s first appearance on the Daily Show and I must admit I was hoping for more. Maybe he was nervous. But I just wanted him to say “No one who refuses to concede in the last election should be allowed to run again!” That’s it. (Mic drop)





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