March 16

One of the biggest myths to unravel is that of the Republican Party, and I’m putting out a 3rd edition of From Lincoln to Trump when Trump is finally out of their picture. I still hear people say that the Dems are racists, because the Republicans freed the slaves. But did they really? Everyone was racist back then, event Lincoln, who didn’t know that blacks and whites could ever learn to live together. The program flipped when FDR realized that there was a large minority population whose vote wasn’t being tapped. Why do you think he’s the only president who had four terms?

Anyway, who isn’t a little racist, or at least showing a preference for their own kind? We are most comfortable with people we know how to communicate with, right? The Democrats are now doing a better job of understanding what the majority of people in this country want. That’s it – regardless of color or anything else. People are people. The Dems have their finger on the people’s pulse, whereas the Republicans continue to seek the best way to get rich and stay rich. And their pro-life stance is nothing more than a desire for more workers of the future to pay lower wages to. It’s not just an opinion, folks. When I got my job at Kwik Trip middle of last year, they were desperate and followed the wave of offering $15 an hour. The last time I checked, it’s now at $14 an hour.

I’m now in the middle of the biggest job as Rock County Dems Treasurer, filing the CFIS report which is all income and expenses for a particular period of time. They say there’s a way to upload a spreadsheet, but I have no faith in that, so will do it by hand. Problem is that it’s due on the 27th and I leave for Portland/Seattle on the 25th. So all other activity must cease until this is done, I’m hoping by the 23rd, but I have to go to a history advocacy event at the capitol on the 22nd, where it sounds like I get to speak my mind about how history is being taught. You think you’re life is fun? I’m now into the pain portion of the fall down cement steps. I think the swelling is gone and now everything just hurts. I can’t help but wonder what permanent damage I might have done to myself. Hoping to get back on the bike once I return from Seattle. Or should I say IF?






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