The Commercial

GIG IS ON! Now if only I can get to Chicago on time … I’ll be a STAR!

Tune in Friday for all the details! I haven’t made a commercial in over a year, and that’s partly because last year I had two jobs and scheduled volunteer work, nary a day free.

Are you tuned in? Good!

Nary. Don’t you love that word? I made it back in one piece from Chicago! I actually came to enjoy traffic jams as a break from those ridiculous fast drivers darting in and out of lanes.

Doesn’t it look exciting? Oh, but it is!

Got to the one way street where there was free parking on both sides, and I proceeded to move too fast so as not to hold up traffic, got myself jammed up and had to go up the curb to get out and move to a different spot. Still a good walk to the house but I needed the exercise.

Beautiful house! Turns out there’s a website where you can register your residence to be used for a location and get paid some pretty big bucks for it too! Not all houses have to be gorgeous like this one was, just in nice shape and clutter free. That leaves ours out! I’m gonna register anyway. It’s called Have your house help pay for itself!

Darling little 6-year-old played my granddaughter. We were doing game day and they gave us a Wizard of Oz game meant for ages 10 and older. Too old for me! Fortunately all we had to do was pretend we were playing it, so we pretended to try to figure out how to play it. Little Sadie got to pick out who was what character, and had great fun doing that. I of course wanted to be the witch. I had a coffee scene with my ‘hubby’ where I refreshed his cup and we were to exchange a few words, ad-lib because no one was going to hear us, so I says “you were exciting last night.” That got a smile out of him!

I think client and director were both happy. But I didn’t like my hair. I wish they would have put it up. And she opted to go with what I had on rather than bother seeing what else I brought. But I was minor. A lovely buffet type lunch set up from Chipotle. I had to help set up and clear because, you know, I hate just sitting around. You do a lot of that while they set up camera angles, and it’s my fault that I insisted I stand at the table for game play while everything else sat. I did a lot of standing. The whole premise was that our hot water heater died and we had to call a service guy – that’s the client.

I hope they were happy. I do think I was a little too old for the role, compared to hubby. I just hope I didn’t look it, too much.






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