February 24:

Gotta kill some time while my clothes are in the dryer. Don’t you hate it when you forget?

I have a new fun blog about writing inspiration over at my Facebook Bebow Books group, you might want to join before it goes private. Might even be tomorrow.

We’re headed to the Beloit International Film Fest tomorrow (BIFF) and might be pushing it to see four movies in a day.

Got through two days of a rain and ice storm. Just glad it wasn’t snow! How’d you fare these past couple days?

Watched “We Have a Ghost” on Netflix. You’ll like it if you liked ET. Seriously. Reminded me of that all the way through.

Got Virginia City edit done and am waiting to hear from that publisher I sent the first half to.

Got a commercial lined up but am confused about why my agency didn’t send me there. I emailed them, wondering if it’s legit, we were supposed to talk by phone but they didn’t call me back. I need to drive to Chicago on the 2nd, on the road by 5 a.m. Sure hope it’s legit.

I have a strange life.



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