February 13

Time To Ramble:

Not really sure why I feel like I need to say something. Maybe I’ll stop feeling so stressed and frustrated. I donated blood today, and that’s a good thing. Got my granddaughter’s birthday package in the mail, and that’s a good thing, except I’d rather be there to see her open it. I never know if she likes anything. When I talked to her on the phone while shopping, I made her promise to return anything she doesn’t want. She promised. She’ll be 11.

And the bank and the treasurer work, well, not so good. I tried to activate the card, but I already had a card activated. Why did they send another? And they wanted the tax ID and I didn’t have it. Banker wasn’t helpful, except to tell me he didn’t know why they sent another card, and I don’t need both. And I’m supposed to get the treasurer’s report ready for Thursday’s meeting but I cannot concentrate, I don’t know if it’s already ready to go but I’m going to hope so.

You see, I’ve screwed up everything I’ve tried in Beloit so far, and I’m afraid this will be added to the list. I’m going to be speaking with a therapist by zoom on Thursday to find out why I’m such a screw-up. I’m mean, I’m too old to still be failing all the time, aren’t I? Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I don’t have the slightest interest in it. But we’re going to a movie and picking up some take-out, because I got a coupon. That’ll be that.

Oh, you really don’t want to hear any of this, do you? You want all good stuff. Well, I rearranged some furniture and now our dining room looks a little more like it’s separate from the kitchen. And the orchids won’t have direct sun on them now. So that’s nice.

There’s always the good with the bad. Look for it. Embrace it. And carry on.






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