Buy a new house!

You get some great, amazingly fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

I hope the amazing news would have to do with a way to get out of Beloit. I have a four-page essay documenting all the things that have gone wrong since we moved here, and that’s only my half. I didn’t include my husband’s half yet. Or this house.

Yesterday our little Perseus became obsessed with a small portion of the hall outside my office. I walked over the area yesterday and that small portion felt wet. He’s sitting there right now, staring at the area, and that area is still wet today. It shouldn’t be, if something was just spilled there. So I told Joe, and went down to the basement to see if I could find a wet spot in the ceiling in that area. I did! Oh great. We cannot imagine what could be causing this one area to be wet. But this house has been an unending money pit.

Who do you call for an unexplainable wet spot? Ghostbusters? The Culligan Man? House police? I suppose we’ll have to start with a plumber, because they specialize in wet spots in ceilings, right? We had a plumber in last summer after having problems in our kitchen sink, and he declared us stable. I don’t think this is related to that, and yet, since the kitchen is on the other side of that wall hall, isn’t it related in some way to that? The new stove would be on the other side. But how could a stove cause a wet spot?

I walked out into the kitchen, and met Joe there. We had the same idea. The new fridge doesn’t have an ice maker. That means there’s a small piping for ice that’s not being used. He said he had the water turned off, but somehow it must still be dripping. So he’ll check that out.

Whew. Thanks to Perseus who must have heard the dripping, and is even now trying to chase something in that wall. But at least we don’t have to call Ghostbusters. Always one thing or another with this house. I would love some fantastically amazing news that would lead to selling it. In fact, I got a fortune cookie a few days ago that said “You will soon receive good news of a personal nature.” I’m still waiting!





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