February 5

Yawn. Hard to wake up this morning. You know the feeling. Especially if you have a cat that woke you at 5:30 because it’s nice out and she wants out. Okay, cat door area stays open now. Nope, I just told her to go away. Seems whenever I have a trip to my daughter’s in Glenview I can’t sleep the night before. This time, darn it, I was!

You know one good thing about getting old, though? Your longer hair doesn’t tangle after shampoo. Oh, I can still remember tugging and pulling and trying to untangle without ripping half of it out of my head. Did you see the new Jane Fonda movie coming out? No, not 80 for Brady, ugh. She’s in one with Lily and Malcolm McDowell. Anyway her hair looks like mine, without those fake enhancers, you know? I forget what they’re called. Anyway, I’m here chatting because I saw, on 1/31, that a lot of people from my old site ran over here, and since then, have disappeared. Is this what they miss? It’s true that my materials are now divided up between three sites (see previous mini-blog), so I won’t get that kind of attention here. Here you’ll mostly see my nonfiction work, and hopefully some topics of interest and reflections from time to time. As always I’d love to hear from you. Right now I’m working on Grimms American Fairy Tales, which is likely to be self-published, though I do have a few queries out. You know, previously published and all, but this one will have a different look to it. More whimsical, more fantasy. Spent yesterday searching online for some photos for Virginia City book, and on my copper presentation, and trying to find some sources I need for that. Anyway, I won’t be doing this every day, but I do hope you’ll stop by once in a while for what is still the same great content you were used to. And say hello! There’s a link on the bottom of my home page. It’s easy. Today I’m going to my daughter’s and she’ll help me find the right format for what I’m doing here. I’m afraid to make any changes because I like the set up. I just want two pages, one for mini-blogs and one for blogs. And more color. Definitely more color.






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