February 4: Links shared

Just a few other links here if you have time to take a look – of special interest to those from my old website is where the Updated Wittry Typology is found.

The Facebook link noted on top of the page is for more “Bebow Books” content there. It’s a page where I’ll share more excerpts, at least until visibility starts picking up here. You can join, it’s currently open to the public, and I’m more likely to put more notes there. I’ll use that more for fiction excerpts.

An overview can be found at my Amazon Author’s Central at https://amazon.com/author/monettebebow-reinhard

For more Bonanza content, especially on the book I’m currently working on, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/3431213543764861 

For my copper artifact work, and the FREE updated Wittry typology, go to


I’m also @bebowbooks at Twitter, where I get involved in chatting and sharing with other writers. And you can certainly friend me at Linked In and at Facebook, too.

Look forward to getting to know you!






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